Osteopath or Sports massage?


With the weekend rapidly approaching and the sun shining brightly, there will be a few people seeking to make the best of the wonderful weather this weekend, whilst it lasts.
There will be many parents blowing the dust of off the boxes in the garage, labelled ‘Summer Games’, in preparation for the barbeque. Lawnmowers will be hacking through the overgrown lawn and the time consuming task of weeding the flowerbeds will seem endless. All will be perfect in the world for most until….



A sharp sensation strikes. It roots you to the spot, unable to move for fear of its return. When you do finally muster up the courage (and strength) to move, a stabbing pain grips your back. And then it occurs to you that you are stranded, unable to move…. But, you do have to move! Movement is the best thing you could possibly do. Small steps, baby steps, more and more, and then the pain may gradually subside, for now.


If you are struggling to get yourself to the freezer, have somebody else get you an ice pack/bag of peas from the freezer, wrap it in a small cloth and place it on your back for ten minutes and then remove it until your back warms up, then repeat the process over and over, for up to forty eight hours to help reduce the inflammation.


Next, you need to consider pain relief. Back pain can be completely debilitating, so you need to call an osteopath straight away to discuss your options and your symptoms. The osteopath will not diagnose you over the phone but they may be able to offer more advice, likely to be to arrange an appointment.


In most cases, one or two treatments with the osteopath with have you back on your feet, even a few good sports massage treatments will have you moving around more freely, that is, if your symptoms are limited and there are no other complications.
We have osteopath and sports massage clinics in both Kettering and Corby, so if you feel that you need some further advice, please call to speak to one of our therapists.


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