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Let us rehab safely, welcoming everyone

COVID-19 Facemasks, don't judge me... Taylor Osteopathy

Your osteopath treatment for neck and back pain hasn’t changed but it seems like since mid-March 2020 everything else has!

The advent of daily lifestyle restrictions, along with forced hygiene and cleanliness protocols in businesses, was necessary to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Thankfully, it worked.

Fast forward 18 months; the schools have reopened, and people are beginning to return to work. Thankfully, life is seemingly getting back to normal.

Looking out my clinic window, I can see people gathering in groups, hugging, and possibly forgetting, or ‘choosing’ to forget, the trials for the last two years. Nationwide restrictions and rules have been relaxed. Fewer people seem to be sanitizing their hands when entering and exiting shops, whilst many are also choosing to not wear masks. To be clear, I pass no judgement on people that decide they do not want to wear face coverings. The rules have relaxed, and those people have decided that they want to try to continue with life as they were pre-March 2020, and that is totally ok.


As primary healthcare professionals, osteopaths, like other allied health professionals, are governed by a body that regulates us as clinicians. The guidelines that are set out to us are to make sure that we can make sure that everybody remains safe. That is what the guidelines are for. As a result of this, all healthcare clinics must advise that patients wear face coverings when arriving for treatment, to reduce the risk of transmission to those that are more vulnerable in our communities.

If a person is medically unable to wear a face-covering or chooses to not wear one due to their personal belief or opinion, we are still able to provide treatment, but the clinic must adjust for your visit. For this reason, many clinics, including our own, will ask that you make yourself available to be either the first or last client of the day. This is so that the clinic rooms can adequately aerate before the next person is due to attend.

It can be a bit of a pain for all involved, but the guidelines are there to help contain the spread of the virus and keep us all safe.

If you have any questions, regarding arranging a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall be happy to answer any questions you may have.